Halloween pennies on a dollar

Welcome to your Halloween pride for years to come. I have loved Halloween for as long as I can remember- it was one of my most favorite holidays.

You know those times where it brings a smile to your face to see all the awesome costumes, decorations, and so forth? Well if you were that house that had all the stuff you were the envy of the neighborhood. Maybe I didn’t have the means to have a head turning car at certain down spouts in my younger days, but I always had the means to set aside Halloween decoration money and build every year bigger than the year before. I was that house!

Now older and the new home has the yard size of a dog crate and although the house itself is grandiose in size and more beautiful, it simply can not house all the stuff I have accumulated over the years. I even went so far as to replace a big buy of Halloween stuff when my entire moving truck of all my things blew up, and all my Halloween stuff was inside. But that is another story altogether.

See each picture below as I have taken the time to picture post about 80-90% of what we have that I am selling the lot for. If you dont want everything it comes with, then you can make all or some of your money back listing it on Letgo,craigslist, amazon, ebay or OfferUp, but i do not have the time to piece out or cherry pick through and then sell whats left. But if you do, you can get rid of what you dont want or if just want to resell for a lot higher price separately.

So…I’m giving a huge deal to the person who loves Halloween and wants to be the next envy and buy it all for a small investment. This will pay it back for years to come.

Many items are still new with the tag on them, some are used, but how used could it be when you only use it once [a year] right?

Its first come first sold style so dont wait since Halloween is only around the corner!

Sorry for any head tilting in advance or if any doubles are typically rare because they are perhaps just a different view. Most stuff in zip bags that are accessories may be able to be blown up for easier viewing but didnt want to take everything out and spill it on the ground lol. Many other zip lock bags havent been taken out of the bags either and are long capes and cloaks and all kinds of niftyness. Remember I have more than what is pictured and cant always show that some of the decorations or props may actually be battery operated so you might not get the full effect from pics. Some are kids costumes, many are adults.

Get ready and be swift to get this deal;

  1. Masks full and half
  2. Costumes like dracula, scary butcher, inmates, pirate, hippy, gypsy, kids items and full adult suits
  3. Decorations inside as well as outside, blowup items door hangers, garland etc., outside inside lights
  4. light up and battery operated skulls and skeletons
  5. piles of bones and skulls (not shown below)
  6. props, body parts, heads etc.
  7. ghouls gobblins, ghosts, skulls skeletons, withces, too much to list.
  8. Swards, guns, knives and other foam weapons also we used for pirate uniforms and toga
  9. Totes that were bought are also a cost we had but will be glad to provide them in the ones they are pictured with.
  10. face makeup and beards etc, hair wigs galore grave tombstones etc… and unopened new unwrapped and price marked scene settings for the house walls and or windows that go up to 40 feet! Lots of stuff!

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